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Is your child competing with fellow students for teacher assistance in class? Ensure they receive the full attention they deserve with private tutoring from AceTute.


We provide a range of mentoring and teaching services throughout Sydney to supplement your child's education, giving them the knowledge they need to excel in any subject, from primary school Mathematics to HSC Physics.


After 4 weeks, we provide parents with an introductory report of their child's performance, displaying for measurable results. Furthermore, our tutors have access to our own large repertoire of learning materials, giving your child additional helpful resources. Depending on their current level, we can teach based off the student's material or accelerate them via our own.


Primary School Tutoring

Year 1 - 3

Mathematics and English courses focus on establishing the foundations necessary for a fundamental understanding of these subjects. Our initial primary school tutoring helps students develop confidence, as well as helping them to adjust to the new school environment.

Subjects Offered

  • English
  • Mathematics

Year 4 - 6

AceTute's courses teach students advanced concepts in English and Mathematics, preparing them for Selective and OC school testing. It also introduces students to the basics behind balancing school work and fun.

Subjects Offered

  • English
  • Mathematics

High School Tutoring

Year 7 - 10

AceTute's Year 7 - 10 courses take a comprehensive approach in building on a student's understanding of English, Mathematics and Science. Our high school tutoring helps students to develop essential study skills and habits, giving them the required tools to excel in a high school environment. We also offer private tutoring for a range of subjects, depending on availability.

Subjects Offered

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • HSIE Subjects
  • Languages
  • Music

Year 11 - 12

AceTute's intensive Year 11 and 12 courses are specialised for each subject. Our tutors aim to give students all the necessary tools and skills to achieve the highest possible ATAR, providing private tutoring that allows all outcomes for the subject to be met. Alongside this, our tutors help instil a healthy work-life balance, preparing students for university and their future endeavours.

To view our syllabus and schedules for our subjects, click on the subject to the right.

Subjects Offered


With lessons starting at just $50 per hour when you sign up for automatic payments, AceTute keep payments simple, providing affordable private tutoring services to the Sydney area.

  1. Receive a $5 per hour discount on your lessons when you sign up with your credit/debit card for automatic payments.
  2. All of our standard lessons run at a rate of $55.00 per hour (including GST).
  3. For premium lessons with Department of Education Certified or Qualified Teachers, our lessons run at $75.00 per hour (including GST).
  4. Small classes are available for up to 3 Students at $100.00 (including GST).