HSC Tutoring

AceTute offers HSC tutoring in a wide range of subjects, with a team of capable and dedicated tutors to help your child excel. The following is a selection of the subjects we provide tuition for, as well as some brief information regarding what's covered.

HSC Biology

AceTute's HSC Biology tutoring provides students with a full understanding of the subject, giving them all the tools they need to excel. We prepare students for all topics covered in HSC Biology, from ecosystems and life on Earth right through to the blueprint of life and the search for better health.

HSC Business Studies

Our HSC Business Studies tutoring syllabus prepares students for all topics covered in the subject. Year 11 explores the nature of business, business management and business planning, while Year 12 covers the topics of operations, marketing, finance and human resources.

HSC Chemistry

AceTute's HSC Chemistry tutoring syllabus has been designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of chemistry. Year 11 topics include the chemical earth, metals, water and energy, while Year 12 broaches more advanced topics, such as production of materials, the acidic environment, and chemical monitoring and management.

HSC Economics

Our HSC Economics tutoring covers a wide range of topics across Year 11 and 12. The first year includes an introduction to the subject before comprehensively tackling the topic of financial markets. Year 12 then goes on to cover the global economy and Australia's place within it, as well as economic issues and economic policies and management.

HSC English

Our HSC English tutoring is designed to build upon previously established skills while introducing new ones. We start with a brief introduction, where we revise basic essay writing skills and teach how to incorporate techniques and quotes into essays while discussing multiple texts. Our main syllabus contains everything needed to excel in HSC English, including practice essays and discussions of technique analysis and themes within set texts.

HSC Maths

AceTute's HSC Maths tutoring covers all topics that arise in Year 11 and 12 HSC Mathematics. Our Year 11 syllabus explores everything from trigonometric ratios to linear functions, while our Year 12 material is dependent on the level of maths being taken.

HSC Physics

AceTute follows a comprehensive syllabus for Year 11 and 12 Physics, providing HSC Physics tutoring that will give students everything they need to perform their very best. Year 11 covers topics including electricity, velocity, kinetic energy and the universe, while Year 12 topics include space, motors, cathode rays and superconductivity.